Palau gladly welcomes blockchain

The government of the Republic of Palau, an island country located in the western Pacific ocean, is exploring the advantages of blockchain and crypto economy. The representatives of the authorities believe that it can help the country resist headwinds of the global economic system. In this connection, Elbuchel Sadang, Minister of Finance, and Yuliya Chashchina, Director of International Affairs and honored representative of RA Entertainment Inc. met today at the government office to discuss the opportunities of an open distributed ledger and fintech innovations.

The Palau authorities have expressed high interest in delivering blockchain technology and crypto economy to the archipelago. Elbuchel Sadang remarked:

Blockchain is the future that has already come and we do not want to stay out of global changes.

The government is ready to facilitate and provide full support to RA Entertainment Inc. that performs extensive expertise and ambitions to assist the country in building the national blockchain future. Yuliya Chashchina is also optimistic about the partnership at the State level:

Palau is like a natural diamond. The country has a great potential to dazzle and enchant people worldwide but even a precious stone needs a unique cut to become a real treasure. So we are here to develop the ways of how blockchain can turn Palau into exotic and technologically advanced jewelry.

Elbuchel Sadang expressed full confidence that the sides would build a constructive dialogue. The government of Palau through him is looking forward to a long and productive collaboration.