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About bitcoin
This crypto currency should be separated into its components just to realize what we deal with. Going this way, we get bitcoin-the-token, representing a part of digital code (like a virtual IOU). And bitcoin-the-token needs a maintaining network for balances data. It is called bitcoin-the-protocol. Both make the system called simply as “bitcoin”.
The main idea is that payments go user-to-user electronically and securely, but without control from any central authorities. Bitcoins prevails over traditional currencies like US dollars because they should not be printed. In fact, their production all over the world is held by computers using free software, and cryptographic verification.

How does it work

Invented and designed by a group of unknown specialists exploiting the name of Satoshi Nakamoto,or BTC is a form of digital money, peer-to-peer crypto currency. In 2008 BTC was successfully released as an open-source software. With no need of authorized control for maintaining operations for this crypto currency, the idea became popular very fast. Basing on a Bitcoin pricespecial technology called blockchain, BTC provides an electronic signature with a proof-of-work protocol to ensure secure and legitimate transactions.
Originally BTC was issued limited to amount of 21 million coins. Now the leading cryptocurrency capitalization in the market exceeds 138 billion dollars. Special BTC exchange platforms (ATMs) make daily plenty of offers. So you can be aware of bitcoin latest news, such as latest bitcoin share and stock price, current bitcoin price today. You can buy or sell cryptocurrency, e.g. sell bitcoin to euro today. Also available is exchange bitcoins for dollars now info.

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