Difficult and arguable month for Ethereum and Bitcoin

After probably the most difficult and arguable month in for the cryptocurrencies – December– it is definitely worth to make a short-term analysis for Ethereum, Bitcoin and a number of other altcoins. We are witnessing both a very stressful and determinative period for most cryptocurrencies. This is the stage of the implementation of SegWit algorithm for Bitcion and creation of its hard fork.

What is more – this is a period when the most influential countries like USA and China start regulating ICOs and the crypto-market in general. Many comapies lost their money and bankrupted, a huge number of enthusiasts lost their chance to particiapnte in ICOs. It is reasonable to assume that as far as the implementation of SegWit will be successful – Bitcoin will be stable. Both the short-term and long-term analysis show that Bitcoin will soon meet the new maximums in spring and may experience 80% rise.

Without doubts, January will not become the last month of the argues in the Bitcion community which will cause the volatility of the digital currency in the next months. As for Ethereum, the prognosis is optimistic, though we will not see such a great and quick rally as we saw in the last months before the correction. We can finally see the real price of Ethereum on the market, which is good news. ICOs and big companies continue to support and develop Ethereum platform, which will give Ethereum a new push.

The most prospective Altcoins are IOTA which is actively working on finding new prospective partners. The period after deep correction, which was a very stressful period for a new currency, will become very flourishing for IOTA. Many crypto users are amazed how active the IOTA team is and their work will definitely result in an upward trend for IOTA.

Let us wait for the autumn and the harvest that it will bring for the cryptocurrency world.

Best regards. Team