Is correction a normal thing for Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has always had its ups and downs. The crypto enthusiasts say that such process is absolutely normal for the cryptocurrency industry. However, when Bitcoin price drops people start talking about the crypto bubble and make estimations on when Bitcoin will burn. It does not make any sense in the modern world. There would not be successful rallies without regular corrections and drops in the price. It is a very complicated process. Let us remind you that Bitcoin already had a number of massive declines and unpleasant times.

Major Bitcoin Drops
???? 94% – June – November 2011 from $ 32 to $ 2

???? 36% – June 2012 from $ 7 to $ 4

???? 79% – April 2013 from $ 266 to $ 54

???? 87% – November 2013 – January 2015 from $ 1166 to $ 170

???? 40% – September 2017 from $ 5000 to $ 2972

???? 60% – January 2018 from $ 19,000 to $ 7,600

There are many arguments whether the countries of the world should legalise Bitcoin as a method of payment. For example, in South Korea the representative of the Yong-Jin Park from the ruling Democratic Party of South Korea announced that in the coming months, changes will be published in the regulatory framework for crypto-terminology, including Bitcoin. South Korea this year is one of the world’s largest buyers of digital currencies, and this the news is an extremely pleasant and timely surprise for the enthusiasts of the detachments. The first step is the revision of the Law on Electronic Financial Transactions

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Is correction a normal thing for Bitcoin?

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