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IBM used blockchain to ship 28 tons of citrus fruits from China to Singapore
2019-02-19 0 24
On the eve of the Chinese New Year celebration, the technological giant IBM delivered 28 tons of oranges and tangerines from China to Singapore. When issuing a bill of lading ...
Bitcoin volatility fell by 98% over the year.
2019-01-17 0 26
Since January last year, the first cryptocurrency volatility has decreased by 98%. So, if on January 16, 2018, this figure was $ 3,468, then a year later – only $ ...
Pavel Durov filed an application for the liquidation of the company Telegram Messenger LLP
2019-01-14 0 65
The creator of Telegram, Pavel Durov, filed an application for the liquidation of Telegram Messenger LLP, which was used as the main legal entity for the messenger. The relevant documents ...
The wallets balances reduction of Bitcoin exchanges was recently recorded
2019-01-11 0 35
At the moment, 716 thousand BTC (4.1% of total emission), 7 million ETH (6.8%) and 1.2 billion USDT (63.5%) are stored in public wallets of cryptocurrency trading platforms. At the ...
Waves platform raised $ 120 million to develop a private blockchain Vostok
2018-12-19 0 79
The Waves statement said that a round of financing, in which private investors also took part, was led by London-based financial company Dolfin. “Cryptocurrency fever is over, but the idea ...
Winklevoss brothers accuse Charlie Shrem of stealing 5,000 bitcoins
2018-11-02 0 45
The founders of the Bitcoin exchange Gemini, brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, filed a lawsuit against entrepreneur and early cryptocurrency investor Charlie Shrem, accusing him of stealing 5000 BTC. It ...
Bitcoin Binance will add new stablecoins.
2018-10-19 0 30
Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, is considering the possibility of adding new stablecoins in addition to the three “stable coins” already presented on the platform. “We hope to be able ...
Forbes will Publish Articles on Blockchain Journalism Network
2018-10-10 0 37
Representatives of Forbes have recently announced about the cooperation with the Civil platform, which will allow the American business-site to begin experiments with publishing content on the blockchain. This is ...
Changpeng Zhao: Binance will launch a decentralized exchange by early 2019.
2018-10-01 0 27
The head of the largest cryptoexchange Binance Changpeng Zhao said that his company plans to launch a public beta of a decentralized trading platform next year. Just had a productive ...
The largest block is mined in the bitcoin network due to Segregated Witness.
2018-09-10 0 34
The block #540107 was mined in the main network of bitcoins, which is the largest in the history of cryptocurrency. The size of this block – 2.259 MB. This was ...

You have heard about Blockchain, chain of blocks storing encrypted data, haven’t you? At this page we have collected information about blockchain technology that’ll help to understand better what it is. Here you will also find all news about blockchain technology, only actual info on this topic.

At the Blockchain page there are information about what happens at crypto currency market today, reading the latest news from this topic. Situation at this market varies from day to day, never remaining constant. After all, technology,based on storage and transmission of information created of blocks,

It’s one of the most advanced and modern technologies in world. In section of Blockchain News all information is constantly updated. So, the latest news today will opportunely inform you about developing in this area by now. You may easily be confused with information about this topic, since technology itself assumes constant change of players at market. So, today blockchain’s info, received on time, will give you a correct idea of situation.

Meanwhile, such a powerful improvement can help to solve many problems, both in private and at state level. Therefore, spending some time in order to study subject-matter decentralized and peer-to-peer networks, new blockchain technology info, you’ll get a lot of useful information. If you need to stay informed, read the latest news about blockchain technology. It’ll give you the most relevant info.
Blockchain definition
It is an encrypted distributed database. All information is stored on devices that are not connected to a shared server. Encryption of data ensures that a user can only change information that belongs to him personally. Each entry in this base is a block, access to which is possible only if a user has got key. After transaction is recorded and verified, it is impossible to change or forge any information.

After success with bitcoin and the blockchain bitcoin technology, there were created many new crypto currencies. There are about 100 crypto currencies at market by now. But such technology can be applied not only in this field. It involves much wider use. So, such technology is successfully applied for any transactions requiring personal identification, peer review or audit

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  • rippleXRP$0.325962
  • tetherTether$1.01
  • eosEOS$5.38
  • stellarStellar$0.114001
  • litecoinLitecoin$79.07
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  • moneroMonero$66.41
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  • dashDash$119.61
  • neoNEO$11.31
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