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The media confirmed the launch date of the test network Telegram Open Network
2019-02-11 0 26
The Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain platform, behind which the popular messenger operator stands, is 90% complete, and the launch of the test network is scheduled for the end of ...
In the Ethereum network, a “Difficulty Bomb” is activated, reducing emission by 25%.
2019-01-30 0 17
The daily rewards for mining blocks in the Ethereum network have dropped from 20,000 to 15,000 ETH after “Difficulty Bomb” has been activated. Thus, the soft version of the “ice ...
The Brit​ish citizen was trying to buy a gun with cryptocurrency
2019-01-14 0 32
David Mitchell, a 48-year old British citizen, was arrested by the US police after an attempt to purchase a gun with cryptocurrency via the dark web. Mr. Mitchell was planning ...
Facebook is developing stablecoin for the WhatsApp messenger users
2018-12-21 0 41
Facebook is developing a stablecoin for users of the popular WhatsApp messenger. The company plans to launch a service in the Indian market, where WhatsApp has about 200 million active ...
EOS rose by capitalization to the 4th place in the CoinMarketCap rating
2018-12-18 0 42
The cryptocurrency market was in a somewhat elated mood on December 18th. It was caused by the growth of Bitcoin on Monday evening. Thus, the price of Bitcoin in a ...
Mike Novograz’s Galaxy Digital and Fidelity invested $ 4 million in BlockFi.
2018-12-12 0 35
During the financing round, led by Akuna Capital, the cryptocurrency company BlockFi raised $ 4 million. Other investors include Galaxy Digital Ventures, Morgan Creek Digital, Susquehanna Government Product and Fidelity ...
Coinbase will add support for more than 30 cryptoactives.
2018-12-07 0 48
The largest US cryptocurrency company Coinbase announced that it continues exploring the possibility of supporting more than 30 digital assets.https:// Representatives of the company emphasized that Coinbase will continue ...
Major crypto industry players invested $ 35 million in the development of a new scalable blockchain
2018-12-05 0 38
The blockchain-based Conflux Foundation that deals with the scalability issues, raised $ 35 million from Sequoia China, Baidu, F2Pool, Huobi. The funds will be used to develop an innovative scalable ...
Malta Gaming Awards recognised TruePlay as the best ICO project in 2018
2018-12-03 0 35
TruePlay blockchain platform, created for gaming providers, affiliates and gambling projects, was recognized as the best ICO-project in 2018 according to the Malta Gaming Awards. This was reported in the ...
Coinbase announces Zcash listing
2018-11-30 0 29
The leading US cryptocurrency exchange and provider of the eponymous wallet Coinbase announced the beginning of the listing the privacy-oriented Zcash. ZEC is launching on Coinbase Pro. Starting at 10am ...

Cryptocurrencies and altcoins news
Latest cryptocurrency news confirm, how unstable their balance is. As digital cryptocurrencies aren’t controlled by a central repository, their balance can be influenced by numerous factors – from hacks or computer crashes to other unpredictable events. Our website helps people to know the latest information about cryptocurrency, stay informed on newest tendencies, get maximum advantage out of it.
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Cryptocurrencies are virtual digital money, which have value despite their physical non-existence. The basic reason of cryptocurrencies’ extreme popularity is decentralization of peers exchange system. Anyone can make money, simply following the latest cryptocurrency price charts.

Our website is a top resource on crypto world, which follow cryptocurrency current news and updates. We explore changeable trends of cryptocurrency, which will be useful for anyone. No matter, if you are just curious or earn money as a seasoned trader, we provide you with information, which is certainly worth your time.

Iindustry of cryptocurrency is rather young, so it’s changeable and the space constantly evolves. Almost every day new cryptocurrencies pop out, and the use of blockchain technology improves from one project to another. How can anyone stay up to date and make a right choice in this dynamic world, which changes while you read these lines?

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