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Bitcoin is rated lower than Ethereum
2018-01-29 0 25
Independent rating agency Weiss Ratings conducted an investment analysis of 74 cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, the most influential and famous cryptocurrency in the world, received a C + rating due to a ...
Is it worth investing in NEO?
2018-01-26 0 32
Chinese blockchain startup NEO describes itself as a distributed network for the “Smart Economy.” It creates solution, using blockchain, smart contracts and a new technology which stores real assets in ...
How does the cryptocurrency growth influence ICOs?
2018-01-26 0 34
Long cryptocurrency’s growth in 2017, before the descending regulation in January, 2018, many ICOs felt the need to lower their symbolical prices in attempt to outstrip the market. One of ...
Kodak’s plan – too ambitious or too ambiguous?
2018-01-11 0 33
After Kodak, in a cooperation with WENN Digital, announced the start of the KODAKOne image rights management platform and the development of its native token, KODAKCoin, the shares of Kodak ...
ICO: DataTrading – Trading forecasting by artificial intelligence
2017-12-28 0 64
THE NEW ERA OF TRADING FORECASTING BY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE DataTrading is a platform based on artificial intelligence for analytics and forecasting of exchange markets with open development modules, accessible to each member of the community. DataTrading is an innovative ...

ICO rating

To the ICO crypto currency will be easier to understand for you it is useful to know what crowdfunding is. New cryptographic coins is not exceptionICO raiting news and also need investment. Do you heard about earnings? You can learn about new project, choose more suitable ICO for investment and get cryptocurrency crowdsale news, updates on ProfitGid.ru. We share latest ico raiting information on our website.

About ICO cryptocurrency

Initial currency offering is the primary sale of bitcoin, coins for air. To an extent, there is two ways to compare this process. With the Initial Public Offering, investor purchases of company. Crowdfunding investors will have goods in which they invested within a few years.

Initial currency offering means someone offers investors a new cryptocurrency. Price typically minimal so even $100 of investment can produce felt result. If this startup is successful and there is steady demand for new coin, the rate of this cryptocurrency will grow. Difference between the cost of cryptographic coin at purchase time on the ICO.

Nowadays a hundred ICOs appear every month. And selecting at least one ICO for investing might cause difficulty.

Websites with information about Initial currency offering raiting are simple solution to this problem. Site contains ICO crowdfunding latest news and it helps to hear about most promising ICOs, which are legitimate. But some sites want to get traffic and earn money by making sales of both illegal and legitimate ICOs.

News about crypto ICO raiting comes on site after careful objective analysis of companies, in which these companies are being reviewed from the crowdsaleperspectives of successful investment. Transparent standards for blockchain startups and assignments based on standardized scale are develop by Initial currency offering rating’s team are include in news about crypto raiting. This information is very helpful for investors because it helps to minimized the risks of fraud and increase the chances of successful investment. Also the developers understand that investors get information about cryptocurrency crowdsale news, updates and that uncrease developers’ responsibility. ICO raiting latest news makes investment a lot easier.


  • bitcoinBitcoin$5,040.00
  • ethereumEthereum$164.32
  • rippleXRP$0.328972
  • tetherTether$1.00
  • eosEOS$5.21
  • stellarStellar$0.116427
  • litecoinLitecoin$78.45
  • cardanoCardano$0.082885
  • tronTRON$0.026507
  • moneroMonero$65.17
  • iotaIOTA$0.320765
  • nemNEM$0.065078
  • dashDash$122.77
  • neoNEO$11.25
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