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Netherlands: cryptocurrencies are not “real money”, but we do not plan to ban them
2018-08-03 0 30
The representative of the Central Bank of the Netherlands stated that event though cryptocurrencies can not be treated like the real currency, the financial authorities of the country do not ...
U.S.Treasury publishes a new report on fintech, cryptocurrency and blockchain
2018-08-01 0 32
On July 31st the U.S. Department of the Treasury introduced a new cryptocurrency statement, which proposes an alternative perspective to the issue of the regulation of the fintech industry in ...
Bitcoin doesn’t need institutional investors. Institutional investors need Bitcoin
2018-07-30 0 29
Last week the SEC rejected the proposal of twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss related to exchange-traded fund (ETF). The news coincided with the Facebook’s report on unprecedented stock loss and ...
Australia will impose more regulations on the cryptocurrency industry
2018-07-28 0 32
In accordance with the proposed amendments to the legislation on combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism, control over the activities of bitcoin-exchanges will be carried out by the ...
Italy plans to regulate crypto-companies
2018-07-22 0 32
Public hearings of the draft law on the regulation of cryptocurrencies ended in Italy. The new document imposes additional obligations on cryptocurrency companies, including introducing mandatory registration and regular reporting ...
Will smart contracts be legalized in the UK?
2018-07-20 0 30
An independent British Legislative Commission will examine the possibility of changing the cryptocurrency law to create legal regulations for smart contracts. According to the publication, at the beginning of the year ...
Parliament of Malta has adopted three bills regulating the industry of cryptocurrency and blockchain
2018-07-19 0 25
Recently the Parliament of Malta has adopted three bills regulating the industry of cryptocurrency and blockchain. In particular, the “Law on Digital Innovations”, “The Act on Innovative Technologies, Agreements and ...
Vitalik Buterin: all centralized cryptoexchanges will “burn in hell”
2018-07-09 0 33
Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, commented that he would like to see how centralized cryptoexchanges will all “burn in hell” It was said by Buterin during the CCSI Blockchain 2018 ...
The Indian National Congress accused the ruling People’s Party (BJP) of laundering money
2018-07-08 0 30
The Indian National Congress (INC), the largest political party in the country, accused the ruling People’s Party (BJP) of laundering money through bitcoins. INC commented that BJP is converting “black money” ...
South Korean new set of regulations
2018-06-29 0 32
According to a press release issued this week, South Korea’s chief financial regulator issued a series of revised anti-money laundering guidelines (AML) for virtual currencies. The press release notes that ...

Crypto-regulation is interest to you? If so, then on our website you will find information you are interested in, as well as trade regulation current news and updates, and also secret rules.
Crypto regulation latest news
If year 2017 was called the year of ICO andeveryone was interested in ico crowdfunding latest news, then 2018 may well be invented by the year of regulation. Since 2018, crypto currency has become subject of domestic political debate, and experts note high degree of contractual governments capacity, which allows one to cautiously talk about achieving a crypto-currency consensus, which in turn indicates willingness to adopt a decentralized infrastructure and supporting tools. This is the most important meaning of economic news about crypto regulation.

Situation is prone to constant changes, nevertheless the planned tendencies of the main political sentiments regarding crypto-currency regulation remain, being reflected in the changing legislation.
Regulation news and updates
Financial control and management authorities of many countries applied to ico method in 2018, expressing their readiness to use this attracting investments method . This applies to the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Japan and Singapore. At the same time, some countries, like China, have officially banned use of ico on its territory. Issued tokens may fall under existing laws, for example, regulating inter-financial transactions.
Crypto regulation latest information – news about regulation
crypto currency status in legislation different countries’s is interpreted in its own way. This is due to unregulated industry regulation methods. Latest regulatory new information show that rules of bitcoins regulation can be strict and prohibit the use of Crypto coin together, as in Algeria and Bolivia; its use may be limited to certain legal entities types , such as financial institutions in China; or it can be legal and implemented in tax-system.

Rules regarding Crypto coin are not set directly for Crypto coin control, but for managing all crypto currency. Many central financial authorities do not recognize this “coins”. They alert its citizens to high risks associated with its use.

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