Verge became an official crypto payment option on Pornhub

Last week Pornhub, the world’s first adult entertainment site, officially added Verge (XVG) as a new payment method. So far, it is the only cryptocurrency option on the website that has an audience of 81 million users per day. Definitely, it is a decisive moment for both Pornhub and Verge, but the most extraordinary news stirred up a real hysteria and criticism among crypto enthusiasts, especially among fans of other privacy-focused cryptocurrencies. 


Expressive users spoke out:

Of all the competent cryptocurrencies Pornhub could’ve chosen, they chose a dogecoin fork created by a scam artist who knows nothing about blockchain or programming, bravo!

The most secure cryptocurrency? LOL they were exploited just last week and lost millions of Verge coins so they were forced to hard fork. They are also 100% traceable and not private in any way. Clearly Verge paid you Pornhub. Do some fucking research!

The eccentric video escorts the scandalous campaign.

Stepping back

Not so long ago it cost nothing. In 2014 Justin Valo created altcoin initially known as “dogecoindark”. A new cryptocurrency that was a result of a peercoin fork strived to reach an extra level of privacy using Tor and Wraith protocol (yet not implemented). It was considered that Tor would hide IP addresses erasing the link between transactions and people who make them. And the IP2 protocol so called Wraith would generate new one-time address for a receiver of the payment.

According to the technical expert opinion, the methods Verge claims to offer don’t solve the problem of privacy for people who do need it. Law enforcement and government utilize cruel AML and KYC rules to hunt really important target and Tor makes running cryptocurrencies even more risky than the usual clearnet. Dogecoindark renamed into Verge in 2016 but it didn’t have any great effect on the price even though the altcoin was added to more cryptocurrency exchanges.

Turning back to Pornhub

The community finds the newly-emerged partnership of the web giant and a pretty small cryptocurrency by the index of market cap rather strange. For instance, the Monero researcher doesn’t consider the Pornhub deal as an evidence of Verge’s technical breakthrough. Highly likely, the altcoin global holders initiated the business, raising 75M in XVG, or $5.2M for donation of the partnership. On the other hand, ambiguous reputation can make it more attractable across the global market.

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Verge became an official crypto payment option on Pornhub

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