Top 5 AI-based projects from Eastern Europe which will blow the mind of the world community

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Top 5 AI-based projects from Eastern Europe which will blow the mind of the world community
2018-10-31 in CRYPTOPEDIA

Why Artificial Intelligence?

Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, IBM, Amazon, Nvidia, Tesla, Volvo … and this is still far from a complete list of global corporations that successfully use Artificial Intelligence in their most innovative products. Indeed, AI is the technology of the future, and due to its unlimited possibilities, it often intrigues and frightens even the biggest technological giants.

Financial markets have become one of the most productive areas for the use of Artificial Intelligence. The world’s largest financial corporations, stock exchanges, and hedge funds use artificial intelligence to make important investment decisions, and also invest considerable sums in the development of this technology.

In this article, we gathered 5 AI-based projects from Eastern Europe which will blow the mind of the world community.

Who are they?


Location: Ukraine, China

DataTrading is a revolutionary project, which has created an AI-based platform for trade forecasting available to everyone. The company continues actively developing the DataTrading platform and its functionality. The AI-based tools, which are introduced on the platform, are already showing great results –  Sharpe ratio result is 2.41 and an average annual return is 45.17% while the best hedge funds give 30% profit annually during the most successful years.

Why it will burst?

DataTrading is highly competitive on the market. In September 2018 it has introduced DataTrading 1.0 release, one year ahead of its Roadmap, which will be integrated with the key stock exchanges in the USA (New York / NASDAQ Stock Exchange) and China (Shenzhen and Shanghai Stock Exchange). Among the major tools of the first version of the platform – AI Screener and Trade Adviser. What is more, DataTrading is in the project of negotiation with the key Chinese companies and funds, which are ready to offer over $50 000 000 for the innovative platform.


Location: Belorussia

Dbrain is an innovative blockchain-based platform, which makes AI accessible for everyone. The major function of Dbrain platform is turning raw data into real-world AI solutions, which can be successfully applied by any progressive company or startup. One of the most interesting features of the platform is that anyone can join it and earn money by training the AI-based tools. “Dbrain is designed to work together in secure, seamless, integrated processes for buying, designing, and building AI apps, from start to finish”. CEO of the project, Dmitry Matskevich, founded 2 leading Big Data companies. He sold one of them, Flocktory, a B2B AI startup, for $20M in 2017. Blockchain technology helps the Dbrain team to effectively manage high-quality data labeling, security concerns, intellectual property rights, and international micropayments.

Why Dbrain will burst?

This Belarusian startup combines the best practices of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and neural networks, which can be successfully used by anyone interested in innovative approaches.  In 2018 the company plans to introduce a fully-running blockchain platform for building AI Apps with API integration for businesses, a mobile app for data labeling. The platform with its amazing idea will definitely attract a huge number of investors from all over the world.


Location: Russian Federation

SONM is offering general-purpose computing cloud-like services (IaaS, PaaS) based on fog computing as a backend. Sounds quite complicated. However, this ambitious project plans to create a universal supercomputer, which will be ready to work with any computing power. In the system, participants interact without intermediaries and can create their own market. The project opens unlimited opportunities for companies all over the world: computing power suppliers (hosts) can contribute their computing power to SONM marketplace. Thus, the project can become truly global in the near future.

Why it will burst?

SONM has already raised $42000 000 during the token sale and does not plan to stop developing its product, which has an unlimited use case – from general applications, web hosting, video games to machine learning and scientific calculations.

Location: Ukraine unites people, passionate about blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. The major idea of this Ukrainian startup is to revolutionize data processing market through a decentralized automated AI-based data exchange, where individuals can sell authentic and verified personal information to data buyers and brokerages. develops global data industry, which can be successfully integrated into the world financial sector.

Why it will burst?

The idea of is already appreciated globally. It has a number of offices in Ukraine, New York and London.  8 US financial companies have already the Beta of the company.

UE Calc

Location: Russian Federation

UE Calc is a service for finding and testing business models for sustainability.  The platform helps to identify problem areas in the business model and select the optimal configuration of metrics based on the theory of constraints. The major idea of the startup is that one can achieve the much greater effect by controlling a very small number of aspects of the system than affecting all problem areas at once.

Why it will burst?

The platform offers a fast and simple tool for data-driven decisions, which will help everyone optimize their businesses with the help of Artificial Intelligence and mathematical theories.

As a conclusion…

Thus, the field of use of AI is constantly expanding because this technology is highly innovative and often guarantees the success of the company. AI is often a ticket to the future even for the most advanced projects in the modern world.

Due to the wide scope of its application, AI increases the level and quality of our life in every way, improves existing technologies and promotes the development of those areas that we do not even think about (for example, one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world, Nautilus, can predict the future to a certain extent).

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