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Anton Vokrug, the CEO of DataTrading, about the financial markets and cryptocurrencies
2018-12-19 in CRYPTOPEDIA

The topic of cryptocurrency regulation will be actual for several more years in Ukraine. The Government of Ukraine has already taken steps towards the adoption of relevant cryptocurrency-related laws. In particular, the Ukrainian officials work on the legalization of the project “The Concept of State Policy in the Field of Virtual Assets”.

However, what does the regulation really mean and what is the purpose pursued by the Ukrainian officials?

In order to answer the aforementioned questions, we spoke with Anton Vokrug, the Chief Executive Officer of DataTrading. DataTradig is an innovative Artificial Intelligence platform for smart investment & trading. Anton is also a co-founder of DataProm, an AI-based innovative content personalization and recommendation engine for online-stores called to make online shopping more pleasant to a customer and bring new benefits to a retailer. 

Anton has revealed some interesting facts about DataTrading and told us how to understand if a project is scam.

Anton Vokrug

How did you start your path in the blockchain industry? 

Together with Eugene Potemskyi, the COO of DataTrading, we started our blockchain career in 2014 with outsourcing. Later, we have launched DataProm, Big Data project which has raised more than $ 500 000 investments. We have developed unique algorithms which collect, analyze and publish data that is needed to a potential client, for example, an online store.

Although the DataProm team did not announce how much it has raised, a few international editions mentioned $ 500 000. We are not a public company and do not have to tell how much money we receive, where they come from and where they go.

I believe that very few people really understood what Big Data is in 2015. Nowadays most everyone is using this concept. 

In fact, we are very smart guys. We have 4 major projects: DataProm, DataTrading, DataScoring, and SportLab. We also run an ICO / marketing agency and develop an IT outsourcing. In general, I do not see the strong intellectual component in an IT outsourcing, but it’s a business that brings good money.  Our unique algorithms have given us an 83% profit last year when the cryptocurrency market was down. 

Which project is the most profitable?

Obviously, the business, which was launched earlier, is more profitable. There are more than 2 founders in some of our projects. My share of profit is from 1 to 100%. In general, I can not talk about it.

Generally, there are two types of businesses. One of them is an operating business, based on an operating income, such as DataProm. The other type of business is a business for sale. You invest in the project and then sell it. We have both types of businesses in our company. 

Currently, we plan to sell DataTrading and SportLab on the Asian market. Our major goal right now is to run a business on the American market.

How many people are there in your ecosystem?

There are about 60 employees in our ecosystem. We are based in Kyiv, Dnipro and Shenzhen (China).

Developers, directors, and managers are based in Kyiv. Our co-founders and Asian partners are also based in China. They attend various conferences and form a meeting pool once in 2 months. We normally plan a 3-week business trip to China in order to meet people and partners for business purposes. 

What is your sales structure? 

In fact, I am still not particularly satisfied with our sales structure, and how to deal with customers. Normally the sales process is full of trial and error. We are currently expanding sales and recruiting team. We take all the ambitious and talented ones, because, as it may sound, there are many talented people in Ukraine.

What are the subscription options in DataTrading? What is the demand?

We have 4 subscription options. Most people choose the first two sets, which are considered to be basic subscriptions. There are more than 300 customers who are subscribed to our services. But I can not reveal you all information on the platform and its users. 

How did the DataTrading ICO run? Was it successful?

We have raised around $5 000 000 during an ICO stage. Again, I am not allowed to share all information publicly, because I might have problems with the Ukrainian authorities and regulators. Of course, we had some questions from the police immediately after the end of the ICO. 

I believe that the market regulation in Ukraine will copy the American experience. Well, maybe we will create a little bit more visibility of the political struggle, but that’s all.

What is the future of the DTT token?

Our token (DTT) is not listed on top exchanges. In fact, the trade flow is quite low, because our main clients are ICO-people. DTT is a utility token, not a speculative one. We have also refused from market-making during an ICO. Market-making takes liquidity from the market. Its goal is to make money on trade afterwards, whether it is in minutes, days or years. Two things are important to market takers: We do not specifically raise the price of a token to drain it or something else. We have everything clear and transparent. DTT token is used by about 1000 users. I will not talk about the internal use of the token.

Which percentage of tokens have you kept for yourself? 

We gave 100% of tokens to the crypto industry. We also have professional traders in our team. They give us important suggestions on the platform. It is important for me because I am interested to attract as many users are possible who will pay at least 1 ETH per month.

Which problems do you face in the Ukrainian crypto industry?  

We lack professionals with a good education. DataTrading often receives job applications from people who read a few articles about crypto and think that they are crypto specialists. We make an effort in order to teach the employee everything about blockchain, ICO, and cryptocurrencies. 

What do you think about the Ukrainian crypto-industry and scam-projects?

The fact that the market is now in decrease is a positive sign for the whole crypto industry. It means that scammers, thieves, crooks, and pseudo-experts have left the crypto market. We have a good experience in this business, our team has professional and ethical skills. What is a scam? A scam is a lack of ethics; when you do not fill the promises you have given to the market and to the people. 

Why do you think DataTrading is in 5% of ICOs which have fulfilled its promises after an ICO? White Paper for us is a serious document, which we follow. 

There are 2 types of scammers: some of them did not plan to deceive users, while the others did it on purpose. 

How do you see the development of the crypto market?

In 2019, we expect a massive financial crisis that will affect all countries. According to the statistics, cryptocurrencies became especially popular in the countries with an underdeveloped banking system (China, Argentina, Ukraine, Turkey). I believe that the crypto market will be regulated very soon. It is likely that after an extensive regulation large stock companies will buy crypto projects which will survive. Those projects will become companies with a serious product which really solves some important problems. 

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