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Buying Bitcoins: Bitcoin ATMs, Gift cards, Exchanges, P2P
2018-08-07 in CRYPTOPEDIA
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Where can I buy Bitcoins?

After choosing the best option for storing your crypto funds, you will need to buy BTC. But how and where do you do it?

You need to spend some time in order to buy Bitcoins. There are many convenient and safe options to do it quickly and with a minimal commission. Some of the options are Internet-based, while others are offline and can be carried out in post offices or gas stations. Sometimes you do not even need a BTC wallet!

Bitcoin ATMs

Automated teller machines (ATMs) are now used for buying Bitcoins! There are more than 200 Bitcoin ATMs in the world and their number is constantly growing. You can find them in supermarkets, shopping centers, gas stations, post offices, bus stops, clubs or banks. Bitcoin ATMs are become more and more popular, because it is a smart way to purchase crypto that you need. It is also import to discuss crypto ATMs fees. The average commission is 3% – 9% depending on the sum of the operation and cryptocurrency. Check Bitcoin ATM locations on the official website

How Bitcoin ATM works?

Prepare some cash and insert it to the BTC ATM or scan a special QR code with the help of your device. You will immediately get a receipt with all further steps and instructions to make your experience easy and comfortable. Such ATMs are particularly popular in Europe, USA, Australia. However, bear in mind that most developing countries do not have Bitcoin ATMs or the cryptocurrency are outlawed in some counties.

Most professionals in different spheres of cryptocurrencies agree on the fact that cryptocurrencies will soon spread all over the world and will be used as a digital gold, or even as a legal method of payment. Thus, Bitcoin ATMs are also becoming a reality. There is a huge number of such ATMs in Japan, where BTC is legalised, but nowadays even small European countries start using Bitcoin ATMs — they appear in supermarkets, bus stops, post offices and even art galleries. For example, according to the report of the Maltese Chamber, the Bitcoin ATM was located in the city of Sliema, where it is managed by venture trading. Services include the ability to convert Bitcoin into euros.

Introduced by a local start-up Ivaja the startup focuses on turning Malta into “Bitcoin Island”. However, according to the mission statement from their reverse page, critics argue that Malta is “too far behind and not ready for bitcoins.”

Bitcoin gift cards 

Gift cards for Bitcoin are used all around the world to purchase goods, products, clothes, trips, etc. Nowadays you can also use it for buying Bitcoins! Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Two main advantages – anonymity and lower commission. You do not need to have a big amount of cash in order to buy BTCs with such cards. So how do you carry out the operation with it? You simply register on the crypto exchange which accepts BTC gift cards or certificates and buy any amount of BTC that you need. There are always people who sell gift cards for Bitcoin. You just need to look for them on various platforms or services.

There are also many details, which depend on the gift card seller. Some of them would like you to send them the original copy of the certificate or the receipt of a purchase from a shop. Do not worry, a gift card private info will not be resolved to a buyer before the transaction is complete, so you will not loose your money. What is more, there are many people who would like to buy such certificate online and are ready to pay 50% more for it. You can even earn money on selling gift cards online!


Bitcoin Exchange is probably the most obvious way to buy or sell Bitcoin. There are always thousands of users, who are ready to carry out operations and to manage their funds. The most important thing for you is to choose the best BTC exchange. Thus, you need to think of some good criteria for choosing one. Bitcoin exchange rate? Privacy? Security? Anonymity? Ease of use? Place of registration? Hacking history? Size of an exchange? Number of pairs? Think of all possible factors that will make you choose a perfect Bitcoin exchange that will meet your expectations. There are more than 1000 registered crypto exchanges in the modern world. Some of them offer only BTC pairs while other have various options. Some of them are centralized and well regulated, while others are decentralized.

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, commented that he would like to see how centralized cryptoexchanges will all “burn in hell”It was said by Buterin during the CCSI Blockchain 2018 on July 6 in Zug, Switzerland.

“I hope that the centralized exchanges will burn in hell, as long as possible. In practice, especially from the point of view of the traditional (fiat) currencies, it is very difficult to decentralize the work, since the world of fiat has only centralized locks. There are valuable services that are very difficult to decentralize, “said Buterin, answering the question of the presenter about whether decentralized exchanges will ever get a larger market share than centralized ones.

The biggest Bitcoin exchanges are:

Bitfinex (

BitFlyer (

BitStamp (

Coinbase (

Gemini (


Kraken (


P2P is a perfect way to buy Bitcoins and to keep the maximum anonymity and privacy. There will not be any third party (banks, financial systems, etc), which cause more problems and take more time. You will get to know a person, who wants to buy or sell Bitcoins for you. The transaction will be held only between you and a person in a face to face international. There are many websites which offer such services and you need to choose the one which you like or trust. We suggest to look through LocalBitcoins , which is a platform for carrying out transactions with people from the area where you are located. Everything is easy and clear. There are always hundreds of people, who will be happy to sell you some BTC for a good price. All you need is just to have a device (PC, laptop or smartphone) and to register on the web site. As easy as it is.


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