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The story of Vitalik Buterin
2018-08-31 in CRYPTOPEDIA

Vitalik Buterin is the founder of Ethereum and one of the most influential opinion makers in the cryptocurrency market. He is a recognized crypto-geniuswith an extraordinary life position. 99.9% of cryptocurrency enthusiasts have heard his name at least once.Thousands of people all around the world Google “Vitalik Buterin IQ”or “Vitalik Buterin net worth”.

In today’s article will tell its leaders all truth about Vitalik Buterin. Who is Vitalik Buterin? What is his background and who is his family?

Vitalik Buterin is a web developer, programmer and writer of Russian-Canadian origin. Vitalik joined the cryptocurrency community 7 years ago, in 2011, when he started writing articles and analytics for Bitcoin journal. Buterin is the founder of Ethereum, the 2ndmost recognizable cryptocurrency after Bitcoin with a market cap $28,343,434,486. Ethereum is one of the most popular and respected cryptocurrencies in the world. Ethereum supports protocols for smart-contracts  — programs which help to conclude, check and ensure the implementation of the contact. These protocols let business set the Ethereum blockchain according to their needs. They consider having more power than old-school paper-made contracts.It is worth recalling that Vitalik is 24 years old and he has ambitious plans on life.

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Childhood of Vitalik Buterin

Buterin was born on 31stof January 1994 in Kolomna, Moscow Region, Russian Federation. When Vitalik was 6 years old, his parents made a decision to move to Canada in a search for a better life for them and their children. When Vitalik was only 10 years old (at that time, he was studying in a primary school) he was offered to join a program for the gifted children. He had to study a lot in order to be in line with the other children from this programe. Vitalik did not have a lot of friends at that time. Vitalik occurred to be a very talented boy with a lot of skills and talents. He was a fast learner and enjoyed spending time at school. His favorite subjects were mathematics, economics and computer programming.

Buterin has never been a fan of big companies, parties and events. Many people considered Vitalik as a math genius. Sometimes Buterin felt depressed, because he is so different from his classmates and peers.

“When I was in grade five or six, I just remember quite a lot of people were always talking about me like I was some kind of math genius. And there were just so many moments when I realized, like okay, why can’t I just be like some normal person and go have a 75% average like everyone else.”

Maybe Vitalik had a cultural shock and needed some time in order to get used to Canadian culture and traditions.

When Vitalik became a teenager, he started programming and researching the possibilities of Internet. He spent the most interesting and challenging years in Aberald School which has changed his perception of life, education and technology.

“I had a much more cartoon mentality. I saw everything to do with either government regulation or corporate control as just being plain evil. And I assumed that people in those institutions were kind of like Mr. Burns, sitting behind their desks saying, ‘Excellent. How can I screw a thousand people over this time.’”

Without a doubt, Buterin enjoyed studying and always had good marks. Sometimes he spent for time playing World of Warcraft and did not focus on homework at all. World of Warcraft was Buterin’s passion until 2010 when his character was changed for the reason of Blizzard.

Buterin as a student

Buterin was not a cryptocurrency enthusiast from the very beginning. He found out about the world of crypto from his father, but at that time he believed that crypto will collapse in the near future. He heard about crypto a few years later and got interested in it. Vitalik is against any type of centralized government, regulation and corporate control. Of course, Bitcoin’s decentralized architecture attracted and inspired Vitalik. Vitalik spent thousands of hours on different crypto and Bitcoin related forums. Soon Buterin realized that the blockchain technology has unlimited possibilities for applications in various spheres. Buterin wanted to become a part of the Bitcoin community, but he neither had enough money to buy BTC tokens nor software / hardware power to mine Bitcoin. Thus, Buterin started looking for different crypto-related jobs which pay with BTC.

  • bitcoinBitcoin$5,077.79
  • ethereumEthereum$165.18
  • rippleXRP$0.328613
  • tetherTether$1.01
  • eosEOS$5.35
  • stellarStellar$0.115432
  • litecoinLitecoin$79.55
  • cardanoCardano$0.084644
  • tronTRON$0.026730
  • moneroMonero$67.94
  • iotaIOTA$0.319918
  • nemNEM$0.066041
  • dashDash$120.95
  • neoNEO$11.39
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