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Top figures in the cryptocurrency industry in 2018
2019-01-04 in CRYPTOPEDIA

The year 2018 will be remembered not only for the unprecedented cryptocurrency fall but also for the increased activity of the community, from companies and developers to ordinary users. Some particular individuals became famous for their extraordinary position towards cryptocurrencies, the development of revolutionary services or their participation in heated debates and scandalous statements.

Changpeng Zhao, CEO Binance

2018 was for Changpen Zhao, a former employee of and technical director of OKCoin, a real high point. Thanks to his experience in the cryptocurrency industry and on traditional financial markets, Binance attracted considerable liquidity and quickly gained the status of one of the world’s largest exchanges. This experience also helped the company in March, when Binance underwent a failed hacking attempt – then the exchange not only did not lose money, but in fact located the intruders.

Under the leadership of Zhao Binance, which began work only in the middle of 2017, it has now turned into a real business empire. Having opened offices in Malta, in Singapore and other parts of the world, the company also launched its own investment fund, educational academy and research department.

Facts according to Forbes:

  • Changpeng Zhao, who goes by CZ, is founder and CEO of Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange that became the largest on the planet in just under 180 days.
  • The 41-year-old Chinese-Canadian coder cut his teeth building high-frequency trading systems for Wall Street’s flash boys.
  • Binance can process a blazing 1.4 million transactions a second and on a peak day in early 2018 processed 3.5 billion new orders, cancels and trades. 
  • Binance is minting money, with $200 million in profits in the last quarter of 2017. CZ owns a large chunk of the company, making him a billionaire.

Brian Armstrong, CEO Coinbase

At the end of November, Coinbase raised $ 300 million and its capitalization exceeded $ 8 billion, with the annual profit about $ 1.3 billion.

Those who are closely following the industry should not be surprised by the numbers. Last year (2018) the company launched many new products and services, enlisted the services of a number of famous figures in the financial world, and also received important licenses.

So, in 2018, Coinbase presented several products targeted at institutional investors, and also, according to the media, thought about the possibility of launching its own cryptocurrency exchange fund (ETF). In addition, the Californian company added support for new trading pairs, including those with ERC-20 tokens, and also took part in the launch of the USD Coin (USDC).

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Founder

One of the co-founders of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin remained one of the main newsmakers in the industry in 2018. The uncompromising statements and actions of Buterin became the subject of heated discussions and disputes on the futility of further growth of cryptocurrency assets and the use of the term “smart contract”.

We also remember his refusal to attend the largest blockchain-conference Consensus in May, the controversy with the Bitcoin Core developers regarding the so-called “saving hard forks” and the future of Ethereum.

Continuing at the same time working on the platform itself, Vitalik Buterin in October announced the future transition of the ecosystem to the Ethereum 2.0 stage. It will be preceded by Casper activation and transition to the Proof-of-Stake algorithm, sharding, virtual machine update (EWASM), changes in cross-contract logic and protocol economics. The title of Honorary Doctor of Science awarded to Buterin by the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Basel.

David Schwartz, CTO Ripple

In the past, the chief cryptographer, and from July 2018, Ripple’s technical director, 48-year-old David Schwartz, is one of the creators of XRP, the second-largest digital asset in the CoinMarketCap rating at the end of 2018. He is the one who owes much credit to the recent successes of a California startup that has set a goal to transform the global banking system using the distributed ledger technology.

Rejecting all criticism regarding the centralization of Ripple, David Schwartz states that the company’s goal is to create a payment network like SWIFT, which differs from the traditional financial system in that all calculations and money flows occur in an open decentralized network.

  • bitcoinBitcoin$3,697.96
  • rippleXRP$0.328884
  • ethereumEthereum$123.83
  • tetherTether$1.00
  • eosEOS$2.47
  • stellarStellar$0.108751
  • litecoinLitecoin$32.29
  • cardanoCardano$0.045551
  • tronTRON$0.024520
  • moneroMonero$45.44
  • iotaIOTA$0.317873
  • nemNEM$0.056836
  • dashDash$72.12
  • neoNEO$8.11
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