What Can I Buy with BTC and What Sites Use It?

In the autumn of 2017 cryptocurrency fever triggered a high interest among trade agents in using BTC as payment method both for online and offline commerce. People were thrilled and excited. Searches on Google like “where to pay with bitcoin”, “where to spend bitcoin”, “bitcoin stores” were most frequent those days.  Unfortunately, raising fees for transactions and volatility decreased the interest – it became not so attractive to accept bitcoin. The first cryptocurrency was not ready to work as a full means of exchange.

Of course, it did not end up so that there are no more businesses that accept bitcoin any longer. Luckily, we are far from it. But you should handle the truth, retailers that accept bitcoins have rather low cryptocurrency volumes and for now when you read the line they may abolish the function.

There are still a lot of platforms where you can spend bitcoin. Besides the simplicity of transactions across the border and anonymity (clearly, if you don’t need to get your purchase physically), merchants and places that accept bitcoin get access to various international markets, however they don’t need to concern about chargebacks when customers can cancel the payment after getting the goods.

Services and websites that use bitcoin

If you would like to buy presents with the first cryptocurrency, try services Gyft and eGifter. Via them you can purchase gift cards with bitcoins that laters will be able to utilize at one of many co-operating retailers.

Another area where bitcoin can be used online is booking and paying for flights and hotels. For example, Expedia, CheapAir and Surf Air can help you with that. If you dream about real space traveling and have enough savings in btc, try Virgin Galactic.

Or how about to buy cars with bitcoin through CarsDotCom?

Among companies that accept bitcoin, Microsoft is on the first place. The American multinational technology company along with other methods of payment accept the first cryptocurrency. In its app stores you can spend bitcoins online downloading films, music, video games and various Microsoft services.

By the way, there are many musicians such as Bjork and Imogen Heep that accept progressive means of payment including cryptocurrency.

If you would like to furnish your home or purchase a unique gift for someone, try Overstock. It was among first large retailers that started accepting bitcoin late in 2K14. The online commerce pioneer and CEO of Overstock Patrick M. Byrne is still an encouraged enthusiast and evangelist of the new financial technology.

Desire bars of gold? Sharps Pixley, as well as JM Bullion, are the websites that accept bitcoin in exchange for sparkling bullions.

Or you’re a typical American and not mind to eat some pizza. Can you buy it using bitcoin? Easiest thing in the world. PizzaforCoins will definitely deliver a delicious pizza to your house in exchange for btc.

You can even get an education in some public and private universities using btc online payment. Or go to several preschools in New York.

A couple of companies focused on law and accounting where the first cryptocurrency can be used as an alternative method of payment.

And if you are a generous person and take care of people or animals who need some help you can always donate cryptocurrency-accepting organizations such as BitHope and BitGive.

To find the closest brick and mortar stores that accept btc, check out SpendBitcoins and CoinMap services.

Some more info about what you can buy with bitcoin you can find in the video below. Enjoy!

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What Can I Buy with BTC and What Sites Use It?

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