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In the Internet you can find information about that Ethereum is transiting to the last post-development phase also it concerns changing mining way Ethereum newsbecause of reducing process valuem. On our website you also can find actual Ethereum news today. Ethereum price today, news were reported by our team.

What does Ethtereum mean?

Nowadays on computers that owned by other people huge amounts of our information such as passwords or personal data are stored on large scale in servers owned by large company such as Facebook etc. A server in company subjection that take charge to keep data stores even this article.

This interesting setting has a facilities range, as these companies are Ethereum pricedeploying a specialists team that help preserve, protect your data and eliminate expenses associated with hosting and server uptime.

This such a centralized design, Brian Behlendorf, the founder of the Apache website, called “original sin” of the modern Internet. In order to keep the Internet decentralized, a whole movement has emerged that uses a variety of technologies, such as blockchaine. Blockсhain system can be imagined as a pages (blocks) sequence in book. Each network participant has such a book, information in which is constantly updated, and pages number or blocks is steadily growing. Each book has its own unique fingerprint, which we will call hash sum. It is necessary to check sequence of blocks in our book, for protection sake from spoofing or pulling out pages.

Actually, one of such advanced technologies is Ethereum. Everyone knows bitcoin with the help of blockchain undermines online banking authority and servers such as PayPal. However, Ethereum seeks to use this technology in different direction – it comes to replace third parties on Internet – no more unsafe mortgages or data storage.

Vitalik Buterin has developed an open blockchain system that you can now watch – Ethereum. Be careful not to confuse Ethereum with Ether being a cryptocurrency part of system.

Using third parties, storing information on third-party servers – all this can be avoided using the specially developed platform Ethereum.

Service was issued on July 30, 2015. Ethereum is the second most important cryptocurrency on the market with a capitalization of about 45 billion dollars.

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