Parity prevented the creation of Ethereum hardfork

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Parity prevented the creation of Ethereum hardfork

In a test environment, which is used in one of the main software products of the network Ethereum, a critical error was detected and fixed. As noted by representatives of British Parity Technologies, when the software was launched, synchronization has not started yet, as a result of which other network participants could not recognize their transactions. The vulnerability was found in the testete, but there was a possibility of its spread to the entire network Ethereum.

Parity urged all users to update the software to a new revised version.

“We missed the condition checking in the code, because of which the full Parity nodes could accept the block containing the incorrect transactions,” he explained.

It is assumed that the bug could affect about 30% of the participants in the Ethereum network, which they use to synchronize with the network of software from Parity. Representatives of the company claim that it was patched before reaching the node network Ethereum. However, network members had to update the software to eliminate the vulnerability.

Several companies, including the Bitfly Mining Pool, have already said they updated their software to a new version (1.10.6-stable or 1.11.3-beta), but the bug can still complicate the work of the blockbuster with the Parity software, including users of Ethereum Сlassic (ETC ).

The error is related to a part of the code from the proposal to improve Ethereum EIP 86, Parity developer Wei Tang said in a conversation with CoinDesk.


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