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Finance Minister of France proposed to ensure the transparency of all digital transactions
2018-07-24 0 32
Finance Minister of France Michel Sapin proposed to ensure the transparency of all digital transactions, expressing the hope that this would create a sufficient counterweight to the financing of terrorism. ...
Blockchain consortium R3 might conduct an IPO
2018-07-15 0 32
The blockchain consortium R3, which consists of more than 200 financial institutions, is considering the possibility of an initial public offering (IPO) of shares, but a final decision on this ...
“Enlightenment for Banks” took place in Slovakia
2018-07-14 0 25
A group of Slovak cryptoenthusiasts organized a public action, in which they projected bitcoin logo on the building of Central Bank of Slovakia. Thus, activists of the local branch of ...
London School of Economics announced the launch of the online cryptocurrency course
2018-07-11 0 35
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) announced the launch of the online course “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption”, dedicated to the topic of cryptocurrency.According to the creators of the ...
There are more than 1000 dead ICO projects in the world
2018-07-01 0 33
As of the end of June 2018, there are more than a thousand cryptocurrency projects that actually ceased to exist.  Among the main characteristics of such projects are: no hints of ...
Turcoin is a financial pyramid
2018-06-20 0 33
“Cryptocurrency” project Turcoin, initiated by Istanbul Hipper company is a financial pyramid. One of the creators of the coin, Sadoon Kaya left the country, taking with him the money of ...
Fintech startups will receive funding in the UK
2018-06-14 0 29
The UK Financial Supervision Authority (FCA) is ready to issue permits for a number of start-ups that work in the fintech field and offer solutions based on blockchain technologies. According to ...
68% of American and European crypto exchanges and wallets  do not offer their clients the procedure of verification
2018-06-11 0 33
After the in-depth research of the cryptocurrency industry P.A.ID Strategies concluded that 68% of American and European crypto exchanges and wallets  do not offer their clients the procedure of verification ...
RoboForex added the option of buying Bitcoin for the fiat currencies
2018-05-19 0 36
International financial broker RoboForex opened the option of buying bitcoin for fiat money. The new option will allow RoboForex customers to buy BTC, perform trading operations using this asset, and also ...
CryptoCup announced the launch of the new game
2018-05-18 0 40
CryptoCup, the first blockchain platform for the World Cup, announced the launch of the new game on May 21. On the eve of the World Cup, the CryptoCup team offered ...

Do you wanna know latest fintech newsIn Fintech News we offer you developments in the Fintech and Cryptocurrency markets from around the worldOur Fintech Feed Cryptocurrency News is a unique place for all the latest information about it.

Fintech news

It is an industry consisting of companies that compete with traditional financial institutionsintroducing new innovative technologies into their workfl

owIn this crypto-currency system,  use of applications related to the block-chain and block chain was considered as a new technology to combat traditional ways of doing businessFintech latest informationblockchainsmart contracts and cybersecurity are among the most actively researched areasCrypto Fintech considers cryptothermics as a way to create a secure and traceable way of transferring assetsCrypto fintech current news and updates are neverthelessblockchain is not only suitable for regular transactionsbut it can help in such areas as managing votes and dividendsby creating a reliable and unchanged network with unchanged records of past events.

Each investor must know this information about Fintechsince production of crypto currency has no controlled unit no one regulates emissionsFintech events and latest news mean that in this financial instrument there is no regulator that controls the amount of money given outIn additionthe crypto-currency is not tied to any material valuefor examplegold.

This sector is exploring use of cryptotermin as a new innovation to challenglatest cryptocurrency fintech newse some of the oldest business models in banking sector that may hamper progressMany banksincluding CitibankSantanderare beginning to believe that this violation can have a positive impact on future banking innovationsBecause encrypted transaction transactions are stored in an authenticated accounting systemthey allow individuals and banks to transfer assets around the world in a safe and traceable mannerSecurity is always of paramount importance for financing.

We always will give you latest news about crypto fintech.

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