Bitfury Group will invest $ 35 million in a new energy efficient data center in Norway

Bitfury Group, the leading provider of bitcoin and blockchain solutions, announced the opening of a new energy efficient data center in Norway. With the support of local authorities, the company will invest 274 million Norwegian kroner ($ 35 million) in infrastructure and create 30 jobs. The new Bitfury data center was opened in Mo and Rana in the province of Nordland in the north of the country.

“Norway is the perfect combination in terms of Bitfury’s focus on innovation and growth,” said Valery Vavilov, CEO of Bitfury.
The opening of the data center was also attended by the Minister of Trade and Industry of Norway, Thorbjørn Roy Iskaksen. According to him, the arrival of Bitfury in the country offers great opportunities for local business and economic growth.

As noted in Bitfury, the company entered into an agreement to purchase 350 GWh of wholly renewable energy a year from one of the local electricity suppliers.

At the end of last year BitFury Group announced a partnership with Hut 8 Mining Corp., in which the latter will open and manage a network of the largest in North America data centers for bitcoin mining.