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Media: the cost of the Telegram internal cryptocurrency could reach $ 30 billion
2019-02-07 0 13
By the end of 2019, the total cost of the internal token Gram of the blockchain project Telegram Open Network (TON) could reach $ 29.5 billion. The Bell reports with ...
Japan has developed guidelines for the ICO regulation
2018-07-27 0 26
The state-sponsored research team of the Tokyo University of Tama presented guidelines for the regulation and legalization of cryptocurrencies and ICOs in Japan. The document sets out basic requirements for the identification ...
Hyperledger on its way to ICOs
2018-04-11 0 27
The Hyperledger launched by Linux Foundation in 2015 as an umbrella project to facilitate collective development of distributed ledgers based on blockchain is now about to open its code for ...
The cryptocurrency website of Pablo Escobar’s brother went offline after the start of pre-sale
2018-03-22 0 23
Roberto Escobar, the younger brother of the Colombian drug baron and the politician Pablo Escobar, starts his own Diet Bitcoin (DDX) cryptocurrency. According to Escobar, this hardfork of bitcoin is ...
CryptoKitties attracted $12 million from large venture investors
2018-03-21 0 26
Creators of CryptoKitties game reported about a successful completion of the first round of venture financing within which $12 million had been gathered. Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures venture ...
The rental platform Rentberry, founded by Ukrainians, raised $ 20 million during the ICO
2018-03-18 0 31
The rental platform Rentberry, founded by Ukrainians Alexei Lubinsky and Lilia Ostapchuk, managed to raise $ 20 million in less than a month from the start date of the ICO. ...
People who have fallen under sanctions of the USA and the EU are forbidden to participate in ICO of Telegram
2018-03-15 0 21
People who have been placed on any sanctions lists of the USA, Great Britain, the European Union and the UN Security Council, won’t be able to take part in any ...
Fraudulent ICO projects will be found with the help of the artificial intelligence
2018-03-13 0 27
Scientists of the University of California in Santa Barbara, the University of Michigan and Stanford University developed an algorithm of machine learning ICORATING capable to find roguish ICO. The algorithm ...
The USA legalizes Firelotto blockchain lottery
2018-03-10 0 26
Firelotto lottery is called public because it works until there are people interested to play it; transparent — because of its open source code and a reliable algorithm provide impossibility ...
British banking blockchain-platform BABB raised $ 20 million during the token sale
2018-03-10 0 22
Having successfully implemented a token sale, which resulted in attracting $ 20 million, the BABB banking blockchain platform is now preparing to launch the main product and expects that the ...

ICO rating

To the ICO crypto currency will be easier to understand for you it is useful to know what crowdfunding is. New cryptographic coins is not exceptionICO raiting news and also need investment. Do you heard about earnings? You can learn about new project, choose more suitable ICO for investment and get cryptocurrency crowdsale news, updates on ProfitGid.ru. We share latest ico raiting information on our website.

About ICO cryptocurrency

Initial currency offering is the primary sale of bitcoin, coins for air. To an extent, there is two ways to compare this process. With the Initial Public Offering, investor purchases of company. Crowdfunding investors will have goods in which they invested within a few years.

Initial currency offering means someone offers investors a new cryptocurrency. Price typically minimal so even $100 of investment can produce felt result. If this startup is successful and there is steady demand for new coin, the rate of this cryptocurrency will grow. Difference between the cost of cryptographic coin at purchase time on the ICO.

Nowadays a hundred ICOs appear every month. And selecting at least one ICO for investing might cause difficulty.

Websites with information about Initial currency offering raiting are simple solution to this problem. Site contains ICO crowdfunding latest news and it helps to hear about most promising ICOs, which are legitimate. But some sites want to get traffic and earn money by making sales of both illegal and legitimate ICOs.

News about crypto ICO raiting comes on site after careful objective analysis of companies, in which these companies are being reviewed from the crowdsaleperspectives of successful investment. Transparent standards for blockchain startups and assignments based on standardized scale are develop by Initial currency offering rating’s team are include in news about crypto raiting. This information is very helpful for investors because it helps to minimized the risks of fraud and increase the chances of successful investment. Also the developers understand that investors get information about cryptocurrency crowdsale news, updates and that uncrease developers’ responsibility. ICO raiting latest news makes investment a lot easier.


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IBM used blockchain to ship 28 tons of citrus fruits from China to Singapore
On the eve of the Chinese New Year celebration, the technological giant IBM delivered 28 tons of oranges and tangerines from China to Singapore. When issuing a bill of lading confirming the contract of shipment, the blockchain technology was used, reports CoinDesk. IBM experts note that the electronic bill of lading (e-BL) has accelerated administrative […]
2019-02-19 0 13
What Can I Buy with BTC and What Sites Use It?
In the autumn of 2017 cryptocurrency fever triggered a high interest among trade agents in using BTC as payment method both for online and offline commerce. People were thrilled and excited. Searches on Google like “where to pay with bitcoin”, “where to spend bitcoin”, “bitcoin stores” were most frequent those days.  Unfortunately, raising fees for […]
2019-02-18 0 42
The media confirmed the launch date of the test network Telegram Open Network
The Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain platform, behind which the popular messenger operator stands, is 90% complete, and the launch of the test network is scheduled for the end of March 2019. It is reported by The Block, with reference to the report received by the investors of the project. As the newspaper notes, Telegram […]
2019-02-11 0 16
Media: the cost of the Telegram internal cryptocurrency could reach $ 30 billion
By the end of 2019, the total cost of the internal token Gram of the blockchain project Telegram Open Network (TON) could reach $ 29.5 billion. The Bell reports with reference to the report HASH Crypto Investment Bank. According to the investment company, the target cost of 1 Gram token by the end of 2019 […]
2019-02-07 0 13
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