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DataTrading is a platform based on artificial intelligence for analytics and forecasting of exchange markets with open development modules, accessible to each member of the community.

DataTrading is an innovative project in the world of trading and consulting, which provides a set of analytical and forecasting tools for trading in stock and crypto exchange markets and is completely based on artificial intelligence. Big Data Trading Limited was registered as a legal entity on January 23, 2017 with a representative office in Hong Kong. With the support of a professional team and investors, DataTrading already has a developed MVP that shows results, which exceed many trading strategies in terms of profitability.

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Artificial Intelligence becomes available to traders with the launch of DataTrading, the project of a new generation, which is completely based on this revolutionary technology for analytics and forecasting of exchange markets.

DataTrading is using a unique constructor of trading strategies entirely based on neural networks and machine learning and is open to each participant of the community. Our experiment (the author represents DataTrading) confirmed that the company already has a developed MVP showing results that exceed many trading strategies in terms of profitability.

Financial markets are one of the most productive areas for the use of Artificial Intelligence. The world’s largest financial corporations, stock exchanges and hedge funds use AI to make important investment decisions, and also invest considerable sums in the development of this technology. After integrating AI in its platform, DataTrading has also joined the list of companies of the future. Moreover, all traders who become the members of this exclusive community will also get access to this advanced technology that will enable them to create accurate forecasts and gain experience.

The company has made a decision to run the Token Sale, which is considered to be one of the most progressive types of crowdsale in the modern world. The company’s crowd sale will be run in pre-sale with 30% bonus for all pre-sale participants and 2 separate rounds for the maximum convenience of the participants from different regions: Round A, which is held for eastern region (12.18.2017–01.08.2018) and Round B, held for western regions (02.01.2018–22.22.2018). ICO participants will get a unique opportunity to join the beta testing of DataTrading product.


DataTrading service develops its own unique constructor of trading strategies and will also implement a full analytical tool for stock and cryptocurrency markets on neural networks and machine learning designed to assist the traders and to help them make important decisions, namely:

  • Screener of stock/ crypto assets;
  • Trade advisor;
  • Scoring of ICOs / IPOs;
  • Constructor of trading strategies, screener and scoring with the ability to connect and train neural networks available to the community; implementation of self-learning Artificial Intellignce.

DataTrading already has a number of offices in Hong Kong and Ukraine and has plans to expand its community in the future. The company already unites the team of the best professionals who work on making the platform as effective as possible.  Among the the key supporters and partners of DataTrading are Li Yongjin, expert in the field of investment, trade, business management and Li YongGang, financier, founder, expert in the preparation of companies with Chinese capital to enter the IPO of America and Hong Kong.

Everyone can become a part of the trading community, which begins a new era of trade forecasting!

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ICO: DataTrading – Trading forecasting by artificial intelligence

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