New Bee Token ICO gathers $1 Million

Bee token ico scam


Unknown started ICO on behalf of the Bee Token cryptoservice and attracted about $1 million!
Hackers distributed letters to potential investors of the project with addresses of their Ethereum wallets.

Bee Token promised investors to create the decentralized system for renting rooms on the basis of a blockchain. On the website of the project it is said that the former staff of Google, Facebook, Uber and Civic are key members of the startup team.

The ICO started on January 31, 2018. Then potential investors of Bee Token began to receive phishing letters on their e-mail and in personal messages on Telegram.

People believe that hackers could have stolen the database with all the users and investors addresses, and people, signed up for the ICO’s updates.


Fake letters contained addresses of Ethereum wallets and QR codes, leading to the same wallets. The representatives of the project claimed they didn’t sent out the wallets’ address for investments via e-mail and through Telegram and don’t use QR codes.

One of wallets contains ETH worth about $125 thousand, the second — $263 thousand and the third — more than $586 thousand.

The real Bee Token at the same time, according to their own data, attracted about $2,6 million from the planned $5 million investments.

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New Bee Token ICO gathers $1 Million

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