Workout and get paid in cryptocurrency

Wouldn’t it be great to have a great financial motivation to stay fit? Sweatcoin app can promise you this!

A new app rewards you for every movement you make and pays you 1 Sweatcoin for each 1000 steps you take. So far, you can only get 5 coins per day. Company is planning to become next Bitcoin or even go further.

Though the app was launched three years ago, it received its success just now. It has 7 million users, takes leading position in the top ten free apps and attracted $5.7 million in funding recently.

Ranbir Arora said:

“The whole idea behind Sweatcoin is that physical movement has a value to our economy. You can get an iPhone 10 for something like 10,000-20,000 coins. Our target is going forward in the next 10 years is to be able to pay part of your taxes in Sweatcoins. We believe for cryptocurrency long term to have a value it has to be built on actual utility. When people walk more it makes us not only healthy and more productive it also saves society costs in healthcare.”

Unfortunately, so far the pedometer doesn’t count your indoor steps, as the GPS works better outside. But this makes the whole deal honest and transparent:

 “If we tried to count indoors and remove GPS then user would be able to earn this currency by shaking their phone.”

In 2018, the team plans to improve the pedometer and attract more users and investors.


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Workout and get paid in cryptocurrency

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