Google can forbid advertizing of cryptocurrencies and ICO under the pressure of FBI

Google corporation decided to follow the example of Facebook and Instagram and if not to block, then at least considerably to toughen rules concerning the advertizing connected with various cryptocurrencies and, in particular, initial coin offering (ICO). From the middle of last week numerous mass media, representatives of blockchain companies and even users of YouTube began to report about blocking of their ads.

Finance Magnates edition notes with reference to various sources connected to cryptocurrencies o a blockchain have begun to experience difficulties with advertizing when using Google Adwords.

In return, representatives of Google Adwords didn’t publish any official information on changes in policy of the company. Moreover, in their letter they confirmed that advertizing of cryptocurrencies itself and ICO didn’t get under the ban.

“In our “Policy for financial services” nothing is told specifically about ICO or cryptocurrencies therefore their promotion is authorized on the platform. It’s Facebook who forbade advertizing of cryptocurrencies on the platform.”

— the representative of Google Adwords stated.

It is remarkable that the recession of the efficiency of campaigns happened practically along with the assignment of Google Adwords to give the advertizing the status of “limited”.

In that case Google reserves the right to regulate where and for what audience demonstration of similar advertizing is admissible. In particular, under the same restrictions gets the promotion of gamblings, alcohol and meds prescription.

The blockchain startup of Lamium which tried topromote the platform by means of Google services was even less lucky — not only its advertizing account was blocked, but the Google Ads account in general.

More and more similar examples appear every day. The common feature of the companies which have begun to experience difficulties with advertizing in Google remains the same — most of them is anyway connected with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

Besides, not only businesses began to face this problem. Thus, the popular YouTube channel Bad Crypto Podcast devoted to cryptocurrencies was blocked without explanation.

As some experts note, problems with advertizing of blockchain companies could begin for a reason that they observe not all general requirements of promoting financial services. In particular, the management of Google Adwords says that when offering similar products, the companies are obliged to open and inform potential clients on all accompanying risks, regulatory requirements etc.

It’s possible that now Google is under the same pressure from FBI and other authorities, as Facebook was. As a result it forbade any advertizing of cryptocurrencies and ICO.

Last month representatives of Google refused to impose a similar ban, reasoning it with the fact that the platform already “blocks all advertizing containing false or incorrect information (in all categories)”. At the same time Finance Magnates notes that since then the IT giant could reconsider its decision.


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Google can forbid advertizing of cryptocurrencies and ICO under the pressure of FBI

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