Telegram is banned in Russia

On April 13, the Court of Moscow has considered the case of Roskomnadzor and the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation against the Telegram messenger.  Representatives of the messenger did not come to the court, because the day before Pavel Durov forbade his lawyers “to legitimize the frank farce by his presence.”

Despite the fact that the lawyers of Telegram sent a petition to postpone the consideration of the case, since they did not have time to get acquainted with his materials, Judge Yulia Smolina denied his satisfaction and the court proceeded to hear the explanations.

Representatives of Roskomnadzor said that Telegram “should be able to decode messages.”

“Telegram refused to transfer the technical means that help decode the messages. This represents a threat to the national security of the Russian Federation, the life and health of its citizens.
In turn, representatives of the FSB noted that “if Telegram does not have the ability to decode messages, it is necessary to create such conditions that these requirements become possible to satisfy.”

Following the hearing, Yulia Smolina decided immediately – before the decision entered into legal force – to restrict access to Telegram’s messenger before fulfilling the obligations to transfer the FSB’s encryption keys.

Now Roskomnadzor should forward the court decision to telecom operators with an indication of the need to take measures to restrict the access to the service. The domain names,, and the IP addresses of Telegram servers can be entered in the register of the blocked pages. After that, providers will have to limit access to messenger resources within 24 hours.

Head of the human rights organization “Agora” Pavel Chikov, representing the interests of Telegram, said that the messenger does not intend to make any concessions, despite the court’s decision to block.

” It is impossible to go to any agreements and concessions in such situations, ”
Lawyers of the “Agora” also added that they intend to appeal the decision of the court to the European Court of Human Rights.

“Roskomnadzor, the FSB and the Tagansky court, having violated the law and have done everything to facilitate the consideration of the case in the ECHR,” Damir Gainutdinov, the lawyer, said.

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Telegram is banned in Russia

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