The Indian National Congress accused the ruling People’s Party (BJP) of laundering money

The Indian National Congress (INC), the largest political party in the country, accused the ruling People’s Party (BJP) of laundering money through bitcoins. INC commented that BJP is converting “black money” to “white”, using bitcoin in the western state of Gujarat. INC representative Shaktisin Gohil said that this fraud brought the management of BJP from $ 727 million to $ 12.7 billion.

In addition, the party called on the Supreme Court of India to begin monitoring the progress of the investigation.

We demand an impartial investigation under the control of the Supreme Court in this labyrinth of” mega-bitcoin fraud “to reveal the truth,” Gohil said. He added that using bitcoin, some BJP leaders were able to invest their “black money” in other businesses in the state.

The BJP denied the allegations, saying that the “department of dirty tricks” of the Congress Party is simply trying to “spread confusion and lies.” BJP spokesman Anil Baluni, had in mind that INC may have ulterior motives to blame the party for money laundering.

“I wonder if Congress is trying to help someone in this matter in the conspiracy,” he said.