Vitalik Buterin: all centralized cryptoexchanges will “burn in hell”

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, commented that he would like to see how centralized cryptoexchanges will all “burn in hell” It was said by Buterin during the CCSI Blockchain 2018 on July 6 in Zug, Switzerland.

“I hope that the centralized exchanges will burn in hell, as long as possible. In practice, especially from the point of view of the traditional (fiat) currencies, it is very difficult to decentralize the work, since the world of fiat has only centralized locks. There are valuable services that are very difficult to decentralize, “said Buterin, answering the question of the presenter about whether decentralized exchanges will ever get a larger market share than centralized ones.

According to Buterin, decentralized exchanges will one day become more popular, because they offer a simple user interface, without registration and the need to create an account. Ultimately, according to Buterin (ETH / USD), even if the centralized exchanges do not disappear at all, the growth of decentralized ones will still be quite high, since they lack the possibility of “tyranny” when the stock exchanges decide which tokens to bring to the top , guided by the availability of payment for their listing, which varies from 10 to 15 million dollars.

“The further we get away from such a world into something that actually satisfies the goals of openness and transparency, the better,” concluded Buterin.